Frequently Asked Questions

*What is HRmango?

HRmango is an HR consulting and contract recruiting company.  We rent you our professionally trained HR staff and recruiters by the hour or by position. When you place an order with HRmango, we step in as your HR consultant or your recruiter.  We can help help you create or audit policies and positions, formal job descriptions, create an appealing ad, take your ad and place it on multiple job boards and social networks.

We can help drive your company branding much like your own HR or recruiting staff.  HRmango is a advertising and consulting solution that offers affordable business options to create, manage, screen, and ultimately hire new talent.  We want you to feel like our HR staff is your HR staff, at a price you can control.

*Why should I use HRmango instead of hiring my own in-house HR manager or recruiter?

HRmango allows you to measure all of your HR expenses in hard fixed monthly costs.  It also alows you flexibilty in your HR and recruiting staff as your needs change. When you are hiring your own internal HR or recruiting team you have a tremendous amount of soft or hidden costs that are associated with the position. Some of those soft costs may include:

  • Workers Compensation
  • Time required to interview and hire
  • Training expenses
  • Benefits
  • Vacation Time
  • 401K plans
  • Turnover
  • Down time and loss of productivity
  • Unemployment
* How is HRmango different than a head hunter or temporary staffing firm?

Temporary staffing and headhunter firms also use our services to help them with HR and recruiting. Both temporary staffing firms and professional employer organizations (PEO) are the legal employers of record.  We do not employ any of the candidates found through our advertising efforts. All of the candidates found are yours. We have a trusted temporary staffing partner, @work Personnel, we can refer you to if you need full employment solutions anywhere in the United States.

* How does the pricing work?
  • All of our services are sold separately. 
  • We set up an hourly rate for HR help
  • We charge monthly for each Requisition we work on for you
  • We do offer discounts based on your needs so call a sales rep today to find out more.
*What can HRmango do for my company?

HRmango can help you:

  • Edit and create policies and procedures
  • Edit and create employee handbooks
  • Workforce planning and all things Human Resources
  • Create Job Descriptions
  • Create clear and direct job postings
  • Provide competitive salary information
  • Post your job ads, and renew your job ads, on the most effective job boards and social networking sites.
  • Provide applicant tracking services for resume gathering and tracking
  • Provide candidate screening services
  • Provide personality profiling on top candidates
  • Use your logos and websites in all of your ads to help your branding and PR
*What does “Screening Tools” consist of?

We have a couple of options when it comes to screening toos.  This refers to our team as well as out technology. Working with you, our HR consultants can identify 4-5 minimum qualifications for the position and screen out all candidates that don’t meet those qualifications.  We can then call the candidates and confirm the information before sending them to you or your hiring managers if that is the support you need.  We also have video prescreen tools that will add additional depth in the screening process.  The video prescreens provide tremendous value for remote positions.

*Who is handling my order?

All of our HR consultants and recruiters are trained / experienced in professional HR and recruiting practices.  You will have a designated Account Manager that you will get to know and that will in turn, know your company.

Questions? Give us a call!

For any other questions, please call us 877.410.7914

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