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Affordable US teams to help with the busy work of recruiting and HR
HR Mango – Our Team and Our Systems  – Your Way!


Need fast and affordable Recruiting Help?  How about some HR support? You’ve come to the right place!!

Have you ever wanted to hire a recruiter to help for just a few months during your peak season? How about for a busy week, a month or even a year?  Now you can.  HRmango employs professional, home based, HR and recruiting contractors that are ready to help you.  You don’t need to worry about all the training and possible downsizing when you slow down again.

Not only can you use our professional, trained recruiter, you get access to all our systems, tools and networking channels available at our finger tips.  Nothing to maintain, easy to budget, no hidden costs, no soft costs, no worries about unemployment if you don’t need us.

With over 26 years of recruiting experience and networking, our staff can help you get the most out of your budget dollars. Our services section and pricing flexibility is like no other HR consulting company out there. We are literally an extension of your company.  We use your logos and company names just like an internal recruiter would. We have the tools in place to help structure your HR program.  We can help you advertise and screen the talent you are looking for.

Recruiting Office

1. Contact us Directly

Let us know what position you need help with and what services you would like to utilize. 

2. Within 1 Business Day

one of our trained  HR consultants will contact you about your position

3. Experience and Tools

We utilize our experience and tools to create a formal job description, an effective ad to help find you the best talent.  

Simple as That!

Hourly, Monthly, Executive, Professional, Global recruiting support.
If you have more than 10 positions you are trying to fill please call us for high volume pricing discounts.